Welcome the the world of the Cadillac Creeps.  Come on in and look around.    Come back often for some really creepy stuff.  Check out  our upcoming shows, reviews,  tour dates, new release date, and learn a little more about the Creeps themselves.  

"The Cadillac Creeps raise the bar for macabre music...this is the band to watch for, they are rising stars ...sure to become a household name..."
"...these guys are the new
Kings of Horror Metal..."
-Bryan Lambert
Crowd Pleaser Artist
"...with a sound that takes collective cues from metal and shock to glam and pop, the Cadillac Creeps have come into their own sound that truly sets them apart. Add into the mix a stage show that would plaster  a grin across even Rob Zombie's face and you have the ingredients for a band that has earned the braging rights to say, they are truly different".
- SFL Magazine

"A Rock & Roll Horror Show I will never forget...best band I've seen in 2010"
-Pulp Live
"With elements of Rock, Metal,
Goth, Glam and  Punk,  they
cross alot of genres with alot
of serious talent..."
-Music  Connection
"Finally, a Kick Ass Rock Band that is visually mesmerizing and musically intoxicating"
-Tommy Dark , guitarist of Saints of Ruin
"...they can draw a crowd that stretches from the stage all the
way to the parking lot..."
-Sun Sentinel
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